Dojo Overview & Functionality

Dojo Admin

The Dojo is the best way to get quick answers to your unique problems! With thousands of posted questions to date, it’s likely you can find inspiration to your question from searching. If you cannot find the advice you’re looking for, MAKE A POST! Our users love answering your challenging questions.


Post your question in the most closely correlated discussion board. If your question category isn’t located on the home page, you will be able to find all categories in the center All Community Forums icon. For Domo product related questions, you’ll find the proper discussion board in the Using Domo category. For Dojo-related questions, the Using Dojo board will be the best place to look.


Watch this video to learn the proper way to search content, make posts, like replies, mark the correct solution to your posts, and post/upvote in Domo’s product ideation board.