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Dojo rank structure

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This post provides a brief overview of the various ranks that exist today in the Dojo.


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When a customer signs in for the first time to the Dojo they earn the Welcome to Dojo rank. As members view more content and begin to engage by posting questions, receiving likes and creating solutions they will move up the rank structure. The formulas are not publicly shared. What does matter is positive collaboration and quality posts. Likes and Solutions carry a lot of weight. We just added the Blue Belt level which has not yet been reached by any customer to date.


Members who reach the Orange belt level receive a VIP badge and access to the VIP board here. We are the planning stages to kick off some regional Dojo meet ups for our active members and will have news to share in this shortly.


Domo employees are identified by the Domo logo to the left of their Dojo handle or user name. 


Each year we will review the top Dojo members who will be recognized at our Dojo VIP award ceremony at Domopalooza. The next one is scheduled for March 21-14, 2017. 


Thanks and keep up the great posts!


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