Rankings & Badges

Dojo Admin

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Rankings in the Dojo are a reflection of activity and engagement on the Dojo. Upon registration, each member is made a White Belt. As a member views content, posts questions, receives likes and creates solutions, they move up the rank structure. Positive collaboration, quality posts, likes and solutions carry the most weight in the ranking formula. 


Members who reach the Orange belt level receive a VIP badge and access to the VIP board here. The most active members are part of a weekly virtual power user group, invited to local user meet-ups, and exclusive rewards at Domopalooza.


Each year the top Dojo members are reviewed and recognized at the Dojo VIP award ceremony at Domopalooza.




A variety of badges are awarded based on certain criteria. Badges are available for hitting a minimum metric number (EX: 3 solutions, 100th like), attending in person events (EX: Domopalooza 2019, Dojo workshops), and profile statistics (EX: SF Bay area, New York). The more engaged you are on the Dojo, the more badges are available for you to earn. Certain badges are associated with prizes. Earned badges can be found on each user's profile page.