Welcome to the Dojo!

Dojo Admin

First of all,


Welcome to Domo’s community platform, the Dojo. This is the only place in the Domo ecosystem where our users provide content, answer questions, and record best practices for all to learn from! The community welcomes your insights, challenges, and interaction. This video will provide a great introduction to understanding all things Dojo!



Tips for the best Dojo experience:

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Domo instance – so you can engage with others by liking their posts, post questions, and mark correct solutions.
  • Unique, challenging situations are great posts for the Dojo! However, generic questions will likely be answered best by the knowledge base articles, how-to videos or university trainings found in Domo’s help center (question mark in the top right of Domo instance).
  • Change your username and avatar to be easily recognized and differentiated from the rest of the community.
  • You can customize subscriptions, notifications and email preferences in your profile settings.
  • If the category board you are looking for isn’t one of the top discussion boards on the home page, click the “All forums” icon in the center to be taken to all the forums.
    • Domo product questions > Using Domo Category
    • Dojo specific questions > Using Dojo Category
  • Find virtual and local user group meet-ups in the “Local User Groups” Board