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Support for Postgres HSTORE and JSON data types

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I am new to Domo.


My company provides a multi-tenant SAAS service and we support custom fields on a per client basis.

Our implementation uses the Postgres HSTORE data type (similar to JSON, large text field with key-value pairs).

So, data for one client may include data with keys 'fruits' and 'vegetables' where another client may include data with keys 'trains', 'planes', and 'automobiles'.


The Postgres connector converts hstore data types to string. For example, the custom_field data will look something like this:

"fruits"=>"applest", "vegetables"=>"peas"

Now, if I want to import data for a specific key, I can include something like


select .... custom_field->'fruits' as fruits

Is there any way in Domo to make procesing this data easier?

Ideally, I would love to be able to directly import hstore data and to subsequently build Magic ETL's or beast mode calculations to pull out specific keys.

Failing that, is there a clever beast mode calculation that makes this easier?


Or is there a javascript or python plugin that can be installed to handle this?




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Re: Support for Postgres HSTORE and JSON data types

Hi all,

Can anybody help out @stanjackson?


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