Recover workbench job after owner deleted


Recover workbench job after owner deleted

The user that owned the workbench jobs was removed from our instance. Thus we lost all the workbench jobs. I found a nice way to recover these:


The steps below are the instructions to change the owner of a Workbench Agent to a new owner.

Since the user was deleted you will need an administrator to take ownership of the account before assigning it to another user.

Generating a new API Token and saving it will fix the ownership issues related to the Workbench Agent and all associated DataSets.


  1. Add the windows user to the workbench users group on the machine.(this will allow the user to  run unelevated)
  2. After adding the user that user will need to log out and back in to get the new security credential
  3. Launch Workbench
  4. Go to Settings > Account
  5. Click the down arrow on the API Key
  6. Enter the email and Password for a Domo Administrator
  7. Click “Create Token”
  8. Click the blue Save button on the top left. (This will reassign all the jobs to the administrator)
  9. Close workbench and re-open

If you need to reassign the jobs to another user repeat  steps 5 – 8 for the new user.


Your jobs should start running after this is done.

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