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Verifying Transport Settings

We recently upgraded to Workbench 4.5, and ever since then, whenever browsing to a dataset job & clicking on the "Source" tab, workbench takes an extremely long time on "Verifying Transport Settings".  While this would happen on 4.0, it was never longer than a few minutes.  But for example, yesterday I was stuck on this screen for at least 15+ minutes. 

For troubleshooting I restarted workbench, the domo workbench service, the computer itself, but always it gets stuck on this screen.  Already this morning, with completely different datasets it has been stuck for 20+ minutes at least 2-3 times.

Why is this happening now, anyone else having this issue or been able to resolve it?

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Re: Verifying Transport Settings

Could anyone help with this issue?

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Re: Verifying Transport Settings

I am witnesssing the same issue as well since the workbench is upgraded to 4.5. It's taking more than 15 minutes when click on source tab. Downgrading to earlier version of 4 now.


Any help would be appreiciated.

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